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Welcome to Small Homes Oregon

We are a design and consulting firm only, we are not builders or contractors.


Small, Off-The-Grid Homes

No more utility bills, no power outages, less contribution to global warming, clean, pure rain water and an overwhelming feeling that you are in charge and not dependent on large utilities.

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Tiny Homes On Wheels

Tiny Homes On Wheels from 14 to 24 feet designed to your specifications. All the features you want with not a thing you don’t. Complete instructions with pictures and illustrations to show you how to build your dream Tiny Home for the road.  

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Custom Garden Cottages

Garden Cottages offer a multitude of designs and sizes ranging from 80 to 196 square feet, and we are constantly innovating by adding new designs.  Our Custom Garden Cottages are designed with the same quality in mind as the best full sized residential structures.

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Tear Drop Trailers

To experience what's beyond our front door, we cannot bring our whole house with us.  Tear Drop Trailers encourage us to be outside while still giving us a few of our creature comforts.

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waltquadeI’ve been designing and building Small Homes, Garden Cottages and Tear-Drop Trailers for about 10 years now. I have to confess that I was building conspicuously large houses made for families of 10 but unfortunately inhabited by families of 3 or less. Hopefully, with your help, we are paddling with the current in the river of new small housing and other better-fitting habitation. I’ve been a full-time licensed, bonded general residential contractor here in Oregon since 1992 with a good knowledge of building codes and practices, an eye for functional detail, and a quest to learn more and become better in my craft. Here again, you can help me with this.

Walt Quade, owner of Small Homes Oregon
Portland, OR