Small Homes

Living Off the Grid

What it means, what it takes, what it costs

Small Homes Models & Pricing

Plan sets range from $85 to $150.  Your custom modifications for those plans sets are available at the rate of $40 per hour for CAD time.  Most plan sets can be modified in two or three hours depending on the degree and quantity of changes. 

If you are interested in getting a bid to have these houses built, please contact Forge Small Homes LLC 

Garden / Guest House

Everything in one small package. Use it as a cabin in the mountains or at the beach, office or creative space, or as a guest house or retreat in your own back yard. Square Feet: 325 Kitchen: Yes Entryways: 2 Windows: 4 Bathrooms: 1 Bedroom Closet: Yes Bedrooms: 1 Washer/Dryer Space: Yes

Cottage and/or Guest House



One open living space with a large kitchen and bathroom. Can be use in conjunction with a Master Bedroom Suite and/or a Double Bedroom Suite when or if you need more space.

Studio Plans


Master Bedroom Suite

One large bedroom with a bathroom and a walk in closet. If you don’t plan on cooking or if you just want an extra bedroom for guests, this is the solution. Can be added to the Artist Studio for a more complete living facility. Square Feet: 325 ? Kitchen: No Entryways: 1 Windows: 5 Bathrooms: 1 (extra sink in bedroom) Bedroom Closet: 1 walk-in Bedrooms: 1 Washer/Dryer Space: No

Double Bedroom Suite

When you need a couple of extra bedrooms, at your house, in the back yard or at the beach. A quick solution for a rapidly expanding family or for when all those in-laws visit. A bathroom with access from both bedrooms can be added to the middle of the bedroom suite for an additional cost. Square Feet: 325 Kitchen: None Entryways: 1 or 2 Windows: 3 Bathrooms: None Bedroom Closet: 2 Bedrooms: 2 Washer/Dryer Space: No


Open Shop

Add heat and insulation for this model: $4,000 Square Feet: 325 Kitchen: No Entryways: 2 Windows: 3 Bathrooms: None Bedroom Closet: None Bedrooms: No Washer/Dryer Space: No



Multi-Unit Configuration

Because our living needs are always in flux, this floor plan shows you how easy it is to add units together. You can leave a space for a breeze-way, add decks and/or porches when and where you need them, and even position each space in any configuration. You are in control, but it’s important to note that the structures may not be directly attached to each other per state specifications. Square Feet: 975 Kitchen: 1 Entryways: 3 to 5 Windows: 9 or more Bathrooms:2 Bedroom Closet: 3 Bedrooms: 3 Washer/Dryer Space: Yes



Bruce – 616













Available upon Request. Please contact us regarding the Rose House.












Green Home Plan Set – $750

green-home-small-home-plansGreen Home is a custom plan set with available planning for “off-the-grid” living. This is a very unique home which offers you a sustainable, empowering, and liberating lifestyle.