Small Homes

Living Off the Grid

What it means, what it takes, what it costs

Small Homes Models & Pricing

Plan sets range from $85 to $150.  Your custom modifications for those plans sets are available at the rate of $40 per hour for CAD time.  Most plan sets can be modified in two or three hours depending on the degree and quantity of changes. 

If you are interested in getting a bid to have these houses built, please contact Taylorsmith Sustainable Construction LLC, by email or call (503) 806-339.

Garden / Guest House

Everything in one small package. Use it as a cabin in the mountains or at the beach, office or creative space, or as a guest house or retreat in your own back yard.

Cottage and/or Guest House


One open living space with a large kitchen and bathroom. Can be use in conjunction with a Master Bedroom Suite and/or a Double Bedroom Suite when or if you need more space.

Artist Studio-B




This design offers a very large loft space over the bedroom and bath, along with a large front porch.



 C & B Cottage

A small, compact home with a a large living room, dining space and a loft over the bathroom, kitchen sink area.

C & B Cottage-B



One of the most efficient floor plans we have ever offered.  Two bedrooms in only 685 square feet!
Designed for South facing passive solar heating and can easily be outfitted for net zero living.

Rose Bud-1-B



Same as Rose-Bud 1 only a little larger.  Same highly efficient use of heating resources and can easily be designed for off grid living.

Rose Bud-2-B