Small Homes – Why Go Small?

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Small homes are easy on the environment, have lower
utility bills and cost a fraction of more conventional housing.

Because of their size and simplicity, they are inherently easy on the environment, resulting in small or no utility bills, and cost a fraction of more conventional housing.

These houses aren’t built in a mobile home factory.  They are built one at a time to your specifications, the same as any other stick-built house.  Most all the homes built in Oregon are constructed on site with full permits, codes and certified subcontractors.  Small Home Oregon ensures that you’ll have a quality house in about 4 months, start to finish.

Advantages & Uses

  • Reduce Your Footprint
    The greatest thing about a small home is the environmental impact, or lack thereof. Your energy consumption will decline, you can pretty much kiss the water bill goodbye and you’ll even use less materials in the building process.
  • Guest House
    Hey, we didn’t invent the in-law, but we did create a way to give them – and you – some extra space. These small homes can make a perfect guest house. They are capable of providing all the amenities of a regular home and your guests will love the privacy, comfort, and style of their accommodations.
  • Vacation Home
    Have you ever wished you could have all the amenities of home when on vacation? Ever wondered how you could afford to have such a home? The small home design makes it all possible. Whether you want to upgrade from a trailer sitting on a property you own or simply want to have a “small home” vacation house, we have just what you are looking for.
  • Studio or Workshop
    With the high level of customization available in these homes, you could easily turn one of our designs into a workshop or studio on your existing property. It could even make the perfect home office.
  • Off the Grid
    Off-the-grid living is a unique and freeing experience. Whether your location necessitates it or you just want to live a more environmentally responsible life, is home to loads of information about living off the grid.