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Tear Drop Trailer Customizations

Tear Drop Sleeping Trailers are an American institution. They have been around since the 1950s when Mechanics Illustrated came out with a plan to build them yourself. It was one of the most successful plans they ever offered for many reasons. td-2 Everything you need…ready to just hook up and you are on your way. Almost any sedan or light truck will work. They provide a warm, dry, safe place to sleep. The hatch in back lifts for a complete kitchen and all this is available at a minutes notice. Everything you need is in one small package, ready to just hook up and you are on your way. Stop anywhere, a rest stop, campground or beside the road and you can jump in for a quiet sleep.

Custom Features

A robust, gas guzzling motor home, these are not, and that’s just the way we like it. After all, why are we heading out into this wide open, beautiful country of ours? To experience what’s beyond our front door. It’s hard to do this if we bring our whole house with us. Tear Drop trailers encourage us to be outside while still giving us a few of our creature comforts. Trying to keep our footprint small is an important consideration, especially with today’s gas prices. These trailers weigh 1500 pounds and are 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. A small Toyota pickup will pull one of these trailers and there’s almost no difference in mileage or handling. Check out the special customizations Small Home Oregon puts into each and every uniquely crafted trailer to give you some home-style comforts within this “green” machine.

  • Queen-sized bed so those of us who are 6 ½ feet tall have plenty of room to move around.
  • Extra reading lights so you can catch up on your favorite book while your partner snoozes.
  • Built-in sound system with speakers in the sleeping compartment as well as the kitchen in back.
  • Two inches of high density, rigid foam surround the sleeping compartment so it’s always warm and quiet.
  • A propane tank is in the forward equipment locker so you have plenty of propane for stoves and lights, and it can easily be refilled.
  • Large, deep cycle battery that powers all the lights and sound system with a PV panel so if you aren’t recharging from the car, the sun will keep you going.
  • Mounted under the frame is a 20 gallon water tank Even a week in the desert won’t drain your water supply. A small electric pump delivers it to the sink in the galley.
  • Hand-made of the best materials available with a keen eye for craftsmanship and detail.