Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes On Wheels… fulfilling the need for affordable in-fill housing. These homes take compact living to a new level. If you’ve ever lived on a boat or in a travel trailer, these little gems are spacious.

Tiny Home-1

Who says you can’t take it with you. This Tiny home On Wheels packs all the comforts of living in a package that goes where you or your job takes you. Easily outfitted for off the grid life.

SHO tiny home 1 plan & elevation

Anita’s Tiny Home

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a gipsy than Anita has the answer.  I sell plans for this little number and you can get a good look at it on her web site.   http://www.lilypadplanet.com

Anita tiny home

Cube 12

The most efficient use of space possible with construction costs a fraction of even the tiniest home.


Added together these two units provide everything you need for comfortable living. Each unit is 163 square feet for a total of 325 square feet of living space.